2nd and 3rd trek days and Jocks Update

Its Tough. And it got tougher.

As our amazing Arctic Rugby Challenge team tackled day two and three of their trek, they faced harsh bitter winds and a precarious landscape.  Jock Wishart in Resolute Bay gives us an insight into what they are experiencing:

DCIM107GOPRO“The Challengers made great progress as they rounded the South West corner of Thor Island and headed across to the Noice Peninsula. Back in August 2011, my team and I spent four to five days cut off on Thor Island waiting for the winds to die down and the loose ice to clear so we could get our boat across. In comparison the guys made it across in eight hours which is excellent progress in a day.

“Weather is kind – a light wind from the South (directly behind them), clear and sunny and a temperature of about -15-20 degrees, which is much better compared with the -40 it can drop to at night.

“They encountered possibly the most amazing part of their journey across the Noice Peninsula on Ellef Ringnes Island, which is classified by Environment Canada as having the worst weather in Canada.”

Jock adds:

“After camping Saturday night only a couple of miles south of the Noice Peninsula, they achieved another 11.6 nautical miles of distance despite a difficult terrain.

“They are in good order with the distance covered and must be delighted with the progress they are making. They cleared the peninsula by the evening and certainly have better weather than Resolute where there is light snow.

“This will be a life changing experience for the Challengers. Nothing will be the same after! With a further day of trekking, then the game awaits.”


 Watch the latest update from the weekend:


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