The weather has the last word

Whilst the weather remains calm in the North Pole, the weather in Resolute Bay has closed in with predicted blizzard conditions.

This means that our Arctic Challengers still at the North Pole, will need to stay a little while longer. The pilots are reluctant to fly in and collect them when there is a risk that they won’t be able to land on their return.

For the moment the boys remain camping out, by the rugby pitch on top of the world and there is no reason to worry as they have plenty of food and fuel and they are safe.

We have every expectation of them getting out tomorrow once the low pressure system moves away.

In this place the weather rules.

Earlier this morning our spectators flew out and down to Iqaluit and thence to Ottawa:- they have a few tales to tell. They will be landing in Heathrow on Sunday.

Back in Resolute Bay we are packing up while the competitors that are here are off to the local school.

Yours aye.

Jock Wishart
Expedition Leader